Life is often full of challenges. Whether it is the challenges we bring upon ourselves, or the challenges that life has presented to us unexpectedly, they are there. Sometimes, we may feel equipped to overcome these challenges, and at other times, we may be searching for the tools to overcome them. That’s where Dr. Taslim comes in.

Whether you are searching for the tools to overcome personal challenges or whether you are part of an organization searching to overcome institutional challenges, Dr. Taslim can help.

Dr. Taslim provides one-on-one and group therapy for those having difficulties with personal challenges and/or mental health concerns. She offers workshops and training opportunities to help build the mental health and well-being of larger audiences. She also runs educational services related to organizational and workplace culture, specifically around mental health, equity and anti-oppression. She provides consultation services to help communities and organizations build workplace policies related to mental health promotion. For more information about Dr. Taslim’s services, click here.